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Fruity Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay

Makes: 2 8oz drinks

This mocktail calls for a bottle of FRE Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay! You’ll combine peaches, strawberries and FRE Chardonnay for a mocktail that is rich, creamy and delicious. Bring your favorite glassware for a completed mocktail experience. Garnish this mocktail with slices of peaches and strawberries for a drink that looks as wonderful as it tastes. This mocktail is perfect to sip on its own or paired it with your favorite seafood dish or creamy pasta. Connect with us on Instagram and let us know what you thought about this recipe. Continue to create more delicious mocktails with FRE and find a bottle at a store near you or purchase a bottle online.


2 cups of FRE Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay
2 peaches
2 strawberries


Cut up one peach and two strawberries and add them to a bowl. Pour in two cups of FRE Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay. Let sit for one hour in the refrigerator. After the hour, pour the mixture into the glass. Garnish with extra slices of peach and strawberries.



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