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Dry January

Take on Dry January with FRE Alcohol-Removed Wines

Opting out of alcohol in January can leave us feeling refreshed and ready to take on the year – but, getting there isn’t always easy. That’s where FRE comes in. FRE – the leading alcohol-removed wine brand for nearly 30 years – is here to help you cruise through the annual challenge without sacrificing the wine and cocktail experience that you love.

FRE alcohol-removed wines are sourced from premium California vineyards and crafted using traditional winemaking practices, making them the perfect companion all Dry January long. Pop the top, pour a glass or blend FRE into your favorite mocktail – you’ll find our favorites below!

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Cranberry Mojito

Create this mocktail using FRE White Zinfandel

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Blackberry Pear Smash

Create this mocktail using FRE Sparkling Brut

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Bloody Red Brunch Mocktail

Inspired by the classic Bloody Mary

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