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Tahitian Sunrise


4 oz. Fre Brut

4 oz. fresh orange or tangerine juice

Raspberry or grenadine syrup


Into a chilled champagne flute, pour 4 oz. Fre Brut, 4 oz. fresh orange or tangerine juice and a splash of raspberry or grenadine syrup.



Sparkling Mimosa Mocktail

Sparkling Mimosa

Seasonal Cocktails brought to you by Fre Wines.

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Winner’s Cup

Sweet victory! Enjoy this winning combination of Fre Chardonnay, Fre Brut and a blend of juices—blueberry, orange and lime.

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Baby New Year Mimosa Mocktail

Baby New Year Mimosa

Perfect for midnight or morning! This modern take on a classic combines Fre Brut, grapefruit, and a sprig of lavender.

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Sparkling Sangria Cooler

Enjoy Spanish-style sipping with this refreshing sangria cooler featuring summer fruit, mint and Fre Brut.

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