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Spritz Me I’m Dreaming


Fre White Zinfandel

Fre Chardonnay

Soda water


Pour equal portions of Fre White Zinfandel and Fre Chardonnay in a glass. Add a splash of soda water and serve.



Winner’s Cup

Sweet victory! Enjoy this winning combination of Fre Chardonnay, Fre Brut and a blend of juices—blueberry, orange and lime.

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Tokyo Dreams

No passport needed! Exotic flavors—lychee, ginger, mandarin orange—meet Fre Chardonnay in this exquisite mocktail.

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Vanilla Bean Dream

Seasonal Cocktails brought to you by Fre Wines.

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Fancy an escape to Rio? Mango, coconut, lime and passion fruit dance with Fre Chardonnay in this tropical temptation.

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