Before They Walk Down the Aisle

Two of your favorite people just got engaged! While they’re busy looking for a venue and picking photographers and florists, put together an intimate engagement party to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.


Lend a little humor to the evening with a rousing rendition of the Newlywed Game—or in this case, the Nearlywed Game. Have guests submit fun questions to see how well the bride- and groom-to-be truly know each other. Give a sweet nod to the couple of the night with a signature mocktail like First Crush.


Create a scrapbook of photos from the couple’s courtship, and leave space for guests to inscribe words of wisdom about marriage on the pages of this thoughtful keepsake. The couple will forever cherish the kind words from their friends and family.

Pinkie Promise Mocktail

Pinkie Promise

We swear this will be a new favorite! Mix up some Fre White Zinfandel and cranberry juice, garnish with a lime. Easy.

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Sparkling Spice

Spice up your life with this vibrant drink that marries sweet-tart grapefruit juice, ginger, cinnamon and Fre Brut.

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Sugar Kisses Mocktail

Sugar Kisses

Pucker up for this sweetly sexy drink made with Fre Chardonnay, lime juice, and a dash of bitters.

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